Global Development Group is an Australian charity organisation carrying out humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty in a tangible way. We provide long term solutions through the provision of quality aid development projects in approved countries.

Recent Updates

GDG Monitoring Trip - Australian High Commissioner visit to Biogas project J677

globaldevelopmentgroup's J677 Tanzanian Biogas Project album on Photobucket

On the 26th August 2014, Australia's High Commissioner to Tanzania, H.E. Geoff Tooth visited the GDG project J677 Tanzanian Biogas Project in Nronga, Tanzania. He was accompanied by GDG representative Carey Westwood and J677 In-Country project manager Edward Ulicky and his wife Victoria. They were able to meet and hear from women who – because of a DAP funded grant in 2013 – had received household biogas. Their stories were laced with gratefulness and thanks. Significant output and outcomes include:

  • time management/income generation from less time collecting firewood;
  • the biogas had helped with their health (eyes and lungs previously affected from cooking fire smoke);
  • greater crop growth (from fertiliser);
  • husband’s now cooking on stoves;
  • greater animal health from cowshed upgrade and feed improvements and therefore milk production has increased
  • as well as an overall improvement in their quality of living

The High Commissioner was also able to visit another GDG project – J239 School Milk Project – also in Nronga. This project is a group of women called the Nronga Women’s Dairy Coop who supply milk from their cows to a factory that processes and distributes it to local schools. H. E. Geoff Tooth was able to participate by handing the milk out to a group of school children before tasting the milk himself. The High Commissioner then spoke and commended the project and what it had achieved which he was very impressed with.

GDG Monitoring Trip - Papua New Guinea - August 2014

In mid-August, Flora Chong and Craig Tunney visited GDG projects in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for monitoring. At J739N Gateway Children’s Fund project, we joined with the Australian partner volunteer team. This project is embedded in a settlement area of high need and poverty. The project is effectively delivering community pre-school education and mother’s support. We saw children’s basic health practice like hand washing, and basic nutrition in action, and we heard stories from mothers of the improvement in their home life as a result of the project activities. 
The Gateway Children’s fund project has a number of strengths. This work is community based, and includes holistic attention to basic health, water and sanitation (WASH) and pre-school education, which are all needs of the most vulnerable beneficiaries. Local leadership is motivated and strongly led, with resources put into staff training and equipping. The project has educated the donors that many children are helped by this work, not just individual sponsored ones. There is good accountability and reporting back to the Australian partner and GDG. And local sponsorships for school buildings and local partnerships for the program costs have been developed which grows its sustainability. 
We also visited J573 Teacher Training project in Waigani, a project aimed at training teachers from the provinces who will improve the quality of education. Currently four teachers from the province of Goroka were in training. The project is exploring ways of delivering the training into the provinces, to avoid the cost and time and disruption of travelling to the coast. Based in a strong school community, this project has plans to become a model school for child-centred education.

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Office visits from project partners

Regular visits with our project partners - whether In-Country or Australian - are an important aspect of ongoing two-way communication with our project partners and keeping up to date.  We look forward to visits from many of our project partners throughout the year - although we don't always have time to post them on our website but most are mentioned in our regular Members Update emails.

Recent Activities

J730N AusHEAL Congo Project - Gwen Wetzig nominated for "Pride of Australia Award"

We would like congratulate Gwen Wetzig from our project partners AusHEAL (J730N AusHEAL Congo Project) for her nomination for the 2014 "Pride of Australia" awards - great work!!

Read about her nomination in the Courier Mail by clicking here.

March 2014 Cambodia Partners Network Meeting

Another successful Partner Networking Meeting was held in Cambodia last week! These events keep growing – with 51 attending the latest meeting. At the event GDG staff and partners discussed topics aimed at improving aid & development effectiveness across our Cambodian projects. 


India Partners Conference - 17-18th February 2014

A number of our staff and Board members (including our Executive Director, Geoff Armstrong) travelled recently to hold a GDG Partners Conference in Hyderabad, India. This conference provided networking opportunities and capacity building seminars for our In-Country Partners across the Indian Subcontinent (India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal). The event was attended by 46 partners - and by all reports was a successful event!

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