J156 Children's Hope in Action (CHIA)
J594 Vietnam Speech-language Program (Trinh Foundation Australia)
J752N Dien Ban Day Centre (Kianh Foundation)
J645N Australian Charity for Children of Vietnam
J772 Lifestart Vietnam Stage 2
J785N Nam Hai Sympathetic Hearts


J752N Dien Ban Day Centre

The Dien Ban Day Centre is a holistic-care development project that aims to strengthen local services and support for families with children living with disabilities in the poor, rural area of Dien Ban, Central Vietnam. Operated by the Kianh Foundation (KF), the day centre was established in April 2012 to provide a purpose-built centre for children with disabilities in this area.

This area is traditionally a large catchment area for children being put into government orphanages. KF has operated in the area since 2001, and during this time has witnessed many families forced to give their children to government orphanages due to the lack of alternative services and support. Furthermore, during the Vietnam War, Dien Ban was in the 10% most heavily bombed districts and was extensively sprayed with dioxins. As a result, along with widespread poverty, Dien Ban has extremely high occurrence rates of disability, special needs and congenital disorders – but has next to no services to deal with them.

The centre provides the children with education, physio, speech therapy, and life-skills training, within a caring and supportive environment. Very importantly, it keeps the children with their families.

J645N ACCV – A Brighter Tomorrow

ACCV works with blind, seriously ill and impoverished children and their families in Hanoi and rural Vietnam.

ACCV provides educational, medical and nutritional support to these children, believing that the broader community will benefit and overall standards of living will improve.

ACCV currently has three major programs:

1. E.L.I.T.E – English Language & IT Education for blind students. Our main objective is to provide blind students with the opportunity to further education and future job prospects. Employment and independence is our ultimate goal.

2. A Brighter Tomorrow Breaking the poverty cycle through education and support. ACCV is currently supporting a number of students through high school and university.

3. C.E.M.S - Christine Edith Medical Support In Partnership with the National Paediatric Hospital. ACCV provides ongoing support to seriously ill children requiring surgery and medical care.

ACCV believes that every child should have access to education, adequate medical care and healthy nutrition. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity reach their full potential.The ultimate goal and focus of ACCV is to help people to help themselves.ACCV receives private funding for administrative costs, all funds received go directly to Project J645N ACCV - A Brighter Tomorrow.

J785N Nam Hai Sympathetic Hearts


Nam Hai Sympathetic Hearts Community project is working in the Dien Ban and Hoa Bac districts of Central Vietnam. In these regions, many families are living by subsistence agriculture, and these families have low capacity to send their children to school. Most of the schools are poorly equipped, without basics like furniture, library, sport gear, and visual training aids. The Nam Hai Sympathetic Hearts Charity aims to support the completion of education for up to 18,000  children in these districts.

The project manages scholarships for primary, secondary and high school; school equipping program. Scholarships are carefully managed in several categories. Top Excellence as well as Poor Performance are selected for support. 

In particular, the Nam Hai project seeks to establish 4 strong Kindergartens. The equipping and encouraging staff of these classes will show rural parents the value of education and get their children well prepared for entering school, and staying through to graduation. This intervention aims to break the cycle of  keeping children at home on the family farm, which limits their education. 

Other activities include a livelihood program that adds income diversity to poor families through starting cow and goat husbandry. 


J156 Children's Hope in Action (CHIA)

Founded in 2006, CHIA cares for children from some of the poorest families in Hoi An and neighbouring rural areas within Quang Nam Province through key areas of activity.

Health - CHIA offers health care including emergency/life saving surgery and treatment, community health and preventative education, orthopedic surgery/treatment and a nutritional program for malnourished children.

Disability - The project gives ongoing support and therapy for children with major disabilities and conditions such as Cerebral Palsy to maximise physical, intellectual and social development, thereby enhancing independence and life opportunities.

Education - CHIA provides education sponsorships to ensure children from the poorest families have the opportunity to receive a full education.

Poverty Alleviation - focusing on the delivery of the most basic of human needs, CHIA runs housing, clean water & sanitation.

Through these programs CHIA aims to strengthen the family unit which is critical in Vietnamese society and help bring an improvement to the lives of hundreds of children in the region.

J772 Lifestart Vietnam Stage 2

Lifestart Foundation(LSF) was founded to help those living in poverty or challenging situations in Vietnam to become self-sufficient. The Foundation supports disadvantaged children, adults with disabilities and street children in the Quang Nam province of Vietnam by providing education, apprenticeships, small business loans and practical work experience.

LSF runs a workshop and store which offers disabled and impoverished people the opportunity to earn a sustainable income, while gaining a sense of independence and enjoying being part of a supportive community group. They are trained to make unique handmade products which are then available for visitors to purchase.

As part of its focus on self-sufficiency the project also provides educational sponsorships for disadvantaged children in and around Hoi An, has a free school for children who cannot attend mainstream schools and provides free English classes and training, providing opportunities to allow people to help themselves.

It is nearly impossible for these beneficiaries to otherwise access education, training or employment opportunities and by offering them self-employment opportunities, LSF lessens the opportunity for these marginalised people to be exploited and effects generational change.

J594 Vietnam Speech-language Program (Trinh Foundation Australia)

The Trinh Foundation Australia (TFA) established the Vietnam Speech- language Program as a means to address the development needs related to the management of communication disabilities in Vietnam, aiming to improve the quality of life for the many Vietnamese children and adults who suffer from communication and swallowing disorders.

In September 2010, the project established Vietnam’s first speech-language therapy degree program (a 2 year full time post-graduate diploma) at the Pham Ngoc Thach University in Ho Chi Minh City. With the view for it eventually becoming self-sustaining, TFA currently provides the skills, knowledge and financial resources necessary to implement this speech-language therapy training.

A flow-on objective is to raise the profile of speech-language therapy in health, education and community services in the population at large. TFA subsequently provides ongoing input, support and specialty training at clinics country-wide to help build the profession nationally, networking staff for research and higher degree opportunities as well as offering the services to the impoverished affected by the disorders.

These initiatives provide locals with the necessary knowledge and tools to enable them to successfully manage communication and swallowing disorders including those arising from head injury, cleft conditions, hearing impairment, autism, stroke, developmental delay and head and neck cancer.